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boat sandblasting mesa az

One of the most impressive features of dustless boat sandblasting is the fact that we can treat your boat while decked and in close proximity to other vessels. Boat sandblasting treatments can be used to remove marine growth in minutes. This service can be applied to fiberglass and steel Coast Guard boats.

Our expert blasters will adjust the PSI and media depending on the treatment surface. Don’t sell your boat simply because the color no longer suits you. Sandblasting Mesa AZ can completely remove all the paint in less than a two hours. When we are done, your boat will be ready a fresh new coat of paint.

Time Required

The time required to sandblast your boat is nearly inconsequential. Our technicians can move across the surface at four square feet per minute. Once you do the math, you will be amazed to discover that your entire boat can be completely resurfaced in less than an hour. A rust inhibitor is poured into the tank and sprayed across the treated surface. The inhibitor guarantees that the boat will be rust resistant for seventy-two hours.

We highly recommend that you schedule to have the painter arrive within forty-eight hours post treatment to account for any unplanned circumstances. For a complete list of boat services, give us a call.

Media Types

The type of media used in boat resurfacing depends on its composition. We will also consider the level of service required. If you only want to remove the gel coat, we will use a softer media like baking soda. Typically, sand is used when treating boats. Finely ground glass is another viable option.

For boats and yachts composed of fiberglass, a lower PSI will be utilize to prevent cracking and stress on the fibers. Steel boats can withstand more pressure. When working with metal boats, our blasters will utilize a combination of sand plua a high PSI to get the job done.

Multi-Tasking In A Dust Free Environment

While Sandblasting Mesa AZ is servicing your boat, another company can work simultaneously completely unbothered. If you’re working under a tight deadline, dustless boat sandblasting is the way to go. It is unnecessary to relocate your boat for the treatment process.

The technology of water encapsulation prevents toxic dust plume formation. Instead of harmful contaminants spreading throughout the air, the non toxic molecules either evaporate or fall to the ground. Everyone can breathe easier with this new technology. To experience dustless boat sandblasting up close and personal, call and schedule your treatment today.

Sandblasting Boat Costs

Dustless sandblasting is an extremely affordable service. The cost will ultimately depend upon the scope of the project. We are generally able to cover four square feet per minute. When working with more delicate surfaces, like fiberglass we have to use a slightly less abrasive media combined with a lower PSI.

In these instances, we will work at a slower rate. The more time, labor and media required will have a direct impact on the cost estimate. Some of our clients request partial resurfacing. Square footage will also be factored into the final price.


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