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Dustless sandblasting has revolutionized the car industry. Previously, heavy motorized sanders were used to remove layers of paint from vehicles. This process used to take days to complete. With the advent of dustless sandblasting, what took days to complete now takes a couple of hours.

Instead of working in a contained environment with a respiratory mask, workers are able to work in close proximity to each other with nothing more than a Tyvek suit, hearing protection and an OSHA approved face shield. Experience the progress for yourself. Hire Sandblasting Mesa AZ to sandblast your ride.

Surface Applications

A novice sandblaster can warp the metal panels of your vehicle. If one is not careful, it is easy to marr surfaces and damage mechanical components. These issues are a non factor with Sandblasting Mesa AZ. We are veterans in the field.

Our blasters will conduct a patch test to determine the correct media and PSI combination. Sand is typically used to remove paint from car surfaces. The vehicle composition determines the PSI used. A vintage car made of steel will need a higher PSI for a flawless result. Fiberglass cars don’t require high PSIs due to the structural nature of the material.

Types Of Media Available

Sand is the primary type of media used to strip cars of unwanted paint and rust. Occasionally, we will use recycled glass mixed with a rust inhibitor to prepare vehicles for a new coat of paint. The media we decide to use is determined on a case by case basis. The blaster will factor in the composition, condition and entire scope of the project to determine the proper media to use.

Anyone who uses the same media on each job is lazy and doesn’t know what they are doing. Fortunately, the dustless machine utilized for our projects accept various media types. In the past we have used baking soda, sand, glass and crushed walnut shells to achieve the desired results.

The Novice And The Professional

It would be our pleasure to assist the amateur car restorer and the professional paint auto body professional. Once a car lover has acquired a new vehicle slated for restoration, there is typically a huge window between purchase and restoration. Restoring a vehicle takes time, energy and money. To begin this arduous yet rewarding project, all three factors must be present.

Let us help you out by removing the top three layers of paint with a diligent and technologically advanced dustless sandblasting machine. A process that can take the novice days can now be completed in less than an hour by a professional.

Minimal Containment

The beauty of using dustless car sandblasting techniques means that the treated car doesn’t have to be relocated to be serviced. Traditional sandblasting requires that the entire affected area be cordoned off. This is done to prevent the spread of toxic crystalline silica. The dust plumes that form during traditional applications contain this deadly substance which is known to cause major respiratory issues.

With this fabulous technology, your vehicle can be serviced in an underground lot while parked next to other vehicles. The water encapsulation technology makes non containment possible. Discover the truth for yourself. Contact Sandblasting Mesa AZ for a free consultation.


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