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residential sandblasting mesa az

Sandblasting sounds like a very technical term that is reserved for industrial and commercial usage.  Don’t be fooled by the terminology.  Sandblasting has numerous residential applications.  Old rusted iron benches look amazing once our technicians have provided the midas touch.  If you purchased an older home from the 70’s complete with several layers of paint, you will appreciate sandblasting.

Most homeowners will spend weeks and sometimes years attempting to use sandpaper to remove decades of paint.  Put down the sandpaper and pick up the phone to call Sandblasting Mesa AZ.  Our skilled blasters can complete a simple home project in under an hour.

Wood Restoration

Historic homes hold so much promise.  When you first spotted your home, you could see past decades of lead laden paint.  There is nothing wrong with beautifying your own home.  Wood restoration is a process that should be left to the professionals.

It may be romantic to think of restoring your entire home with your partner, but once you spend a few hours surrounded by dust and chemicals, you will wish you had dialed a professional.   Take back your weekends and allow Sandblasting Mesa AZ to restore your window frames, flooring, banisters, wood steps, molding and wood trim.

Brick Restoration

Home décor trends come and go with the times.  At some point, it became fashionable to paint brick.  That trend belongs in the dumpster with platform shoes and bell bottoms.  You will be amazed at how raw, unfinished brick will transform the look of your abode.  It would be our pleasure to service an interior support wall or exterior garden wall.

Our technicians use dustless sandblasting to treat your brick without compromising its structure and character.  You could rent the necessary equipment, but you won’t be able to achieve the desired results.  Save yourself some time and frustration.  Contact us right away for a complimentary consultation.

Concrete And Stone Restoration

If someone painted a hideous coat of paint on your exterior retaining wall contact us to remove it.  Is there a lovely stone wall hidden under decades of old paint?  If so, call the experts to restore it.  Flooring, fire places, walls and large pottery vessels can benefit from sandblasting.  You will love the fact that your home will be dust free throughout the treatment process.

Typically, when you hire a contractor, there are two parts to the process.  The first part is the actual service.  The second part is when you are forced to clean up behind him.  With sandblasting, you will notice that dust plumes will not form, thereby minimizing the total cleanup process.

Tile And Iron Restoration

Sandblasting is gentle enough to remove calcium buildup from tiles and strong enough to remove rust imbedded in an iron bench surface.  For iron, we will add a rust inhibitor to the tank.  While old paint and rust is being removed, the rust inhibitor is being applied simultaneously.

Once the treatment is complete, the surface will be rust free for 72 hours.  You may elect to repaint it or apply a durable sealant.  It doesn’t take long for mildew and calcium to build up on bathroom tile.  Contact us for periodic.  You will be happy that you did.


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