Home Being Sandblasted in a Residential Area

Car blasting has been completely transformed by this new technology.  Previously, heavy, hand held motorized sanders were used to strip paint from cars.  Not only was this process time consuming but it was also exhausting as the equipment weighed ten pounds and took days to complete.  A dedicated space was required and the technician was susceptible to toxic chemicals.  With the advent of dustless car blasting, our technicians can work alongside painters and mechanics without interruption.

Dustless car blasting increases businesses productivity because shutting down the area is no longer a necessity.  Additionally, this process allows the blaster to cover more square footage per minute.  This increased efficiency will directly effect your bottom line, as less labor is required.  The money saved on labor costs will have a positive impact on your profit margin.

Our dustless sandblasting services include:

This process is applicable for boat sandblasting as well.  Our customers love the efficiency of this service.  As with car blasting, the work area does not need to be cordoned off and our expert blasters are able to cover more paint per square foot.  This amazing technology obliterates any paint it comes into contact with without damaging the substrate.

A rust inhibitor is poured into the tank.  After a thorough high pressured rinse, your boat will be ready for a new paint application.  Bear in mind that it will be rust free for seventy-two hours.  To experience this treatment for yourself, contact us today.


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